A prenup shoot against the stunning backdrop of Mt. Fuji, paired with the heavenly sakuras all around? Any romantic would swoon at the thought. 

This iconic landmark in Japan provides a breathtaking natural setting for couples to have their photos taken. The famous mountain and the blooming sakuras definitely adds to the beauty and harmony of a couple’s relationship. All the more when the prenup session is done during the golden hour. Absolutely majestic.

What’s great about destination shoots is that it’s not just about getting it done for the mere sake of having your prenup photos taken. As a couple, you get to experience a closer bond with each other, the chemistry building up more and more with each pose as we instruct you to look at each other, hold hands, embrace and just feel the love in front of the camera. 

And as the one behind the lens seeing it all, our whole experience paid off too. Coming from a 3-year long hiatus, we started this Japan sesh feeling a little rusty. But as always, persistence, teamwork, and a whole lot of love in what we do resulted in photos and experience that are definitely worth sharing with you all.


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