Metro Manila may be at Alert Level 1 with IATF restrictions but Pixie & Rob still decided to have an intimate wedding on the day of Pixie’s 29th Birthday at Blackbird at The Nielsen Tower.

What caught our interest the most? Kinikilig kami habang shinoshoot sila. Literally, goosebumps. They have been together for 12 years now and are in an long distance relationship. So imagine the excitement they have for each other during the wedding. It was all in the air.

Pixie & Rob immediately mentioned to us that they are not great with posing for the camera. But they didn’t have to worry at all, because what we saw were: their eyes glued to each other; their hands kept longing for more hugs; their lips were in a nonstop smiling mode. Their body language really spoke for them. If we can translate all these, it says “I love you and I can’t wait to love you even more.”

Gosh, Pixie & Rob, thank you for having us on your not-so-flashy but absolutely lovely wedding. Take a look at how your happiness translated into photos. Congratulations, guys! 🎉 oh oh, see you in NZ 😉

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